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Capital Project Financial Management - Seeking the "Universal Translator"

IIn this month's Finance Advisor column, Tracey Dunlap, Kirkland Finance Director, describes a capital financial management dashboard developed by Kirkland Finance and Public Works staff that combines finance and project management data to provide a snapshot of a project's status.
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Marijuana Update: Litigation & Licensed Businesses Slowly Begin Operating (Aug 20)
It’s taken a while (over 19 months since I-502 became effective), but marijuana crops are being harvested and processed and more stores are opening, all against a backdrop of lawsuits challenging local prohibitions. More from MRSC Insight.

MRSC Welcomes a New Web Writer (Aug 18)
It’s an exciting time to be at MRSC! We’re undergoing a lot of changes – we’ve got a new logo, some new faces, and we’re working on an extensive website redesign to make our material more user-friendly. I began working at MRSC last month as a web writer and research analyst – I’ll be helping to revise our online content and post new information, and I’m also responsible for updating our local ballot measure database. More from MRSC Insight.

Should Someone Audit Government Auditors? (Aug 20)
There's a push for local governments to establish independent audit committees. The independent audit committee model is far from perfect, but it seems to have emerged as the go-to model, for now. More from Governing.

The Solution to Overloaded Water Infrastructure? Urban Conservation (Aug 20)
Cities and suburbs face billions of dollars in investments and repairs to comply with Clean Water Act standards. The NRDC outlines some of the urban water conservation methods municipalities can take to reduce stress on these infrastructure systems. More from the National Resources Defense Council.

Systems Thinking: a Better Way to Make Public Policy (Aug 20)
Decisions in one realm have ripple effects in others. Public programs need to reflect that reality. More from Governing.

The People Designing Your Cities Don't Care What You Want (Aug 20)
What is a city for? It’s a crucial question, but one rarely asked by the pundits and developers who dominate the debate over the future of the American city. More from New Geography.

Even When Police Do Wear Cameras, Don't Count on Seeing the Footage (Aug 20)
Police officers in San Diego have started wearing body cameras, but the department routinely denies requests for the video. More from The Atlantic CityLab.

How the Street Connects to the Place (Aug 20)
More and more over the recent years, you might have heard the term “placemaking” tossed around in discussions- what exactly is placemaking? Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. More from Local Governments Solutions Journal, Alliance for Innovation.

Passive Crowdsourcing: 5 Ways We Do Work for Others Without Realizing It (Aug 20)
In the future, we will all be a part of a hyper-connected global society, and the small footprint of our data’s contribution will make the network smarter than it was without it. More from Government Technology.

CRAB Announces Certified Fuel Tax and CAPP Estimates for 2015 (Aug 18)
The County Road Administration Board (CRAB) has certified the 2014 estimates for county motor vehicle fuel tax (MVFT) receipts and county arterial preservation program (CAPP) allocation factors.

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