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When Do You Need to Contract With a Registered Municipal Advisor?

In this month's Finance Advisor column, Taree Bollinger and Scott Lester, FCS GROUP, review the rules recently adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) governing registered Municipal Advisors.
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Top Picks from MRSC's News Scan (Jan 20)
This latest roundup of 'Top Picks' from MRSC's news scan focuses on why there aren't more women in local government chief administrative officer positions, some surprising new findings about employee engagement levels, and why elected public executives need a "chief management officer." More from MRSC Insight.

Hiring the Right Person for Your Job (Jan 16)
For most managers, the most important decisions you make are hiring decisions. Unfortunately many managers make a common mistake in their approach to hiring that results in making a poor choice. More from MRSC Insight.

Planning Consultant Carol Tobin Retires (Jan 14)
This is the end of an era for planning consultants at MRSC. At the end of January, Carol Tobin, after more than 20 years with MRSC, will follow Sue Enger into retirement. More from MRSC Insight.

May a City Council Meet Outside the Corporate Limits of the City? (Jan 15)
The statutes that apply to cities and towns do not limit where the city or town council can meet, although, except for the statutes that apply to first class cities, they do contain a limitation on what types of action may be taken at a meeting being held outside the corporate limits. More from MRSC Insight.

State and Local Government Revenue, Spending Increase (Jan 15)
For the first time since 2011, local, state and federal governments have all increased their collective spending. More from American City & County.

What is a Livable Community, Anyway? (Jan 15)
In this modern era, the idea of livable communities may be less real to many people than Santa Claus. Yet as long as love, courage, and excellence are real, so are livable communities. More from Better Cities & Towns.

Let's Share the Streets, Dude (Jan 15)
As a new wave of apartment towers rises in booming Seattle, the potential value in city streets is gaining exponentially. More from Planning.

LAPD Buys Camera-Connected Tasers (Jan 15)
One of the largest municipal police forces in the nation is building a connection between weapon and camera. More from Government Technology.

National Broadband Policies: Brought to You by Cities (Jan 15)
Across all of broadband’s key policy components, local policies have a clear role and the greatest opportunity for innovative thinking. More from Brookings.

‘Coal-Ash Counties’ Disappointed by New EPA Regulations (Jan 15)
A new law — which EPA calls “the first national regulations to provide for the safe disposal of coal combustion … residuals” — stopped short of designating coal-ash as hazardous. More from NACo's County News.

As Evidence Mounts, Drumbeat for Walkable Streets Grows (Jan 15)
Recent research adds to volumes of studies that say walkable streets will make us safer, healthier, and improve the economy and communities. More from Better Cities & Towns.

First Responders Learn How Drones Can Save Lives (Jan 15)
A drone could be flown over a hard-to-reach area before rescuers can climb down embankments or through thick brush, and it could aid in search-and-rescue efforts or determine the hottest areas of a house fire. More from Government Technology.

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